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Welcome Aboard

Welcome to The Marine Corps League Shooting Team!

Established in 2021, we are a fast growing group of U.S. Marines; Active Duty, Reserve, Retired, Honorably Discharged Marines & FMF Corpsman. We are located across the United States. We field shooting teams in various disciplines ranging from High Power Service Rifle, Long Range, Vintage Sniper, IDPA/USPSA Action Pistol, Service Pistol and more.

We are dedicated to providing competition match teams holding to the highest marksmanship & conduct traditions of The Marine Corps. If you are interested in joining or supporting our unit, please contact us from this site.

Visit our Events Page to see upcoming competitions, training clinics and more.

Visit and join our Forum Page for discussions on Marksmanship, Training Tips, Ballistics, Reloading, Match Results and more.

By all means, visit and support our Sponsor's Page. Without the government budget for shooting sports we enjoyed while we were actively serving, our sponsors make this endeavor possible and help us to support our fellow veterans and the worthy programs of The Marine Corps League at large.

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